Iron Ore Beneficiation Africa


The Iron Ore Beneficiation Africa Conference forms the industry's 'how to' for commercially and competitively unleashing the value in Africa's iron ore. This is your opportunity to hear practical insights for achieving efficiencies and cost reductions for iron ore beneficiation.

Join the industry's leading mineral processing experts to examine the latest opportunities, technologies and strategies for optimising the processing of high impurity iron ores, magnetite, manganese and chrome in order to gain the best value from Africa's projects.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Market review and outlook for grades and pricing
  • Beneficiation opportunities
  • Project financing & cost management
  • Project updates
  • Ore beneficiation strategies
  • Implications for iron & steel production
  • Environmental considerations
  • Power & infrastructure
  • Ore transportation

Who attends?

Leaders in mining, steel, engineering and infrastructure in the following roles; process engineers, geologists, metallurgists, exploration managers, technology leaders, R&D specialist, material handling and business development